Shadowing Session (for advisors only)

Image of Shadowing Session (for advisors only)


If you prefer a personal, one-on-one mentor approach that includes shadowing one of the most successful Certified Metabolic Typing Advisors, then sign up for eight weeks with Nancy Dale. Nancys MT Shadowing program allows you to learn all of her proven, honed, successful techniques for lecturing, advertising and marketing yourself and your MT business. Notably, the 'All Inclusive Shadowing' course includes actually shadowing Nancy for a full day of working with her clients. Nancy, who is also a professional chef as well as author of the Metabolic Typing Cookbooks, will prepare meals for your Metabolic Type on your shadow day. Then Nancy will continue her personal instructions with you via Skype and email so that when you are working with your own clients, you'll be able to access her skills and learn first hand how to succeed with MT and have your own thriving practice.

The Remote Shadowing is for those who are unable to travel for the session.